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Release notes

Release 3.82024-01-24Global API connectors, global variables, supporting content in Content Manager, import improvements and more!
Release 3.72023-07-03New widget settings, Libraries in Content Manager, Presets for widgets, AQL Views in Content Manager, Duplicate dependency function and more!
Release 3.62023-03-07Redesigned and improved API panel, redesigned and improved Content manager, new score value and graph widget, added now and today buttons to date and date-time fields and more!
Release 3.52022-12-08Summaries, improved documentation, notification field, improved select screen design, text field validations and more!
Release 3.42022-11-08New dependencies panel, dependency inspector, improved form compare, content manager and more!
Release 3.32022-06-01Comparison tool, active status, field provenance, required fields indicator and more!
Release 3.22021-10-27Widget configuration, sticky headers and columns for lists, generic layout fields, toolbar restyling and more!
Release 3.12021-07-12Moving fields across pages, copying forms and templates between projects, clickable stacked list rows, white form theme, etc..
Release 3.02021-02-19New launcher page, form redesign, multiple templates support, form labels, real-time preview, rich text & HTML.
Release 2.32020-10-05Added the ability to enable and disable values of coded text fields, allow using js views as variables, implemented presentation mode of forms, added new generic multimedia field.
Release 2.22020-09-07Added new generic fields "Column list" and "Stacked list". You can now preview your forms in mobile and table view.
Release 2.12020-07-30Marking generic field as required is now as easy as toggling switch in property panel, added LOG and LN functions to expression assistant and many more
Release 2.02020-06-23Introducing multi-page support on all forms, option to save composition as incomplete, new predefined variables so you don't have to worry about them any more
Release 1.82020-05-08Implemented field picker to help with selecting fields in dependencies and also added expression assistant to help users with making expressions. Dependencies for the win!
Release 1.72020-04-10Ever wanted to show some data on the form from external source? The wait is over! Introducing support to connect to external APIs!
Release 1.62020-03-06Added 'getAnnotations' method on script API and many more small improvements to make EHR Studio as intuitive as possible for you.
Release 1.52020-02-18Added 'Canvas' to generic fields, now you can draw on an uploaded image and save your edit to composition. Show thumbnails to DV_MULTIMEDIA uploads,
Release 1.42020-02-03Is your domain missing on login screen dropdown? You can now add custom domain, you just need url and you are set to go! Want to delete just one version of the form? You can do that now!
Release 1.32020-01-13Select screen has a improved new design so you can navigate to you work faster. We also listened to our needs and added option to hide inputs for quantity, ordinal and coded text. Try it out!
Older releases2019-11-04Everything you want to know about releases in early days of EHR Studio.