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Adding Projects

Under the hood, Better EHR Studio needs the EHR server in order to get, use, and store forms, templates, views, and compositions. Therefore, you need to have at least one project with mandatory EHR server connection added. EHR Studio allows adding an unlimited number of projects, and you can switch between them at anytime.

To add a project, go to the Administration module, select Projects from the menu on the left side. Below the project list, you will find the section where you can add a new project.

Add new project image

EHR Server Authorization Type

You can set your project's EHR Server Authorization Type to:

  • Basic: requires a username and password
  • OAuth: requires additional parameter authorization server URL, grant type, and client ID. If the grant type is client_secret, you need to provide a client secret.
The username and password for the EHR server are not the same as the username and password for the Better EHR Studio.

Terminology Adapter URL

Adding a terminology adapter URL configures and adds a global data source to the project, which enables you to use it in the Form Builder immediately, without any additional configuration. The Terminology URL field is optional. If it is left empty, you can still configure a global terminology data source at a later time.

Bypass Server

The Bypass server option is only available with the Basic authorization type and is turned on by default. If toggled off, all requests will be proxied through the Better EHR Studio's backend server.

EHR Server and Terminology Validation

When adding a project, Better EHR Studio will always validate the EHR server and Terminology URLs. If the validation process fails, you can see the reasons for failing below the Add Project button.

A validation can fail for various reasons:

  • invalid username / password combination
  • provided EHR server version is not sufficient (only platform versions 3.0.23 and later are supported)
  • EHR Server rest API or admin rest API are not exposed on the EHR server
  • terminology rest API does not exist on the provided URL
  • one or both URLs are not reachable
In case of validation failure, we suggest you to contact your EHR server administrator for assistance.

Edit or remove the project

If you click on the pencil you can edit project or if you click on the trash can you can delete the project.

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