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Better EHR Studio Overview

Better EHR Studio empowers its users with a set of powerful, hassle-free tools for creating and editing clinical forms, querying and analysing data, administrating EHR servers, and more.

EHR Studio

The main building blocks of an EHR Studio are:

  • Form Builder
  • Playground
  • AQL Builder
  • Content Manager
  • Administration
  • Knowledge Base

Form Builder

Form Builder enables you to create and manage clinical forms. It's robust low-code environment grants users the ability to easily create forms from templates and store the inputted data in an openEHR-compliant, structured way. To learn more about building forms, please view the Form Builder documentation.


Playground helps you browse, test, and validate forms. Please view the Form Playground documentation to start browsing through all the saved forms and testing them.

AQL Builder

AQL Builder lets you create AQL queries and views in order to query and analyse EHR data. For more information, please visit the AQL Builder documentation.

Content Manager

Content manager helps you install, upload and manage widgets, plugins, forms and templates.


In Administration, you can manage projects, templates, form labels, and your user profile. To learn more, please view the Administration documentation.

Knowledge Base

Guides, video tutorials, examples, and release notes - our Knowledge Base has everything you'll need to create great projects with ease. We are constantly updating and upgrading it to keep it fresh and helpful. Should you have a question or to send us your suggestions, please don't hesitate to email us at

Getting started with EHR Studio

To start using Better EHR Studio, you will need to:

  1. Register an account and log in to Better EHR studio.
  2. Connect to an EHR server.

Connecting to an EHR Server

Better EHR Studio lets you connect to multiple EHR servers. While working on a project, you will be connected to only one EHR server. For each server that you add, you will have to create a new project.

When you log in to Better EHR Studio for the first time, you will be redirected to Administration > Projects, where you will need to add a project. To learn more, please view the Add Project documentation.

You are able to switch between projects by clicking the profile icon in the bottom left corner of Better EHR Studio. There, you can also see user information, the current version of the Better EHR Studio, and the version of the EHR server.

Switching between projects

Rendering Forms

To render forms you need to install our framework independent form-renderer library. For further instructions, please visit the Form Renderer documentation.

Video Guide

To help you set up your Better EHR Studio, we also prepared a short video guide:

Using ad blocker might cause problems when saving a form (incorrect username, missing comment), saving summaries and when using AQL builder.