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You can find Marketplace on the main screen of the Better EHR Studio or you can access it from the generic fields tab when you are creating a form. When you open it you will see the available Widgets, Plugins, Templates, Forms and AQL views. Here you can edit them, install and uninstall widgets, edit widget presets, and edit documentation for your content - note that everyone, who has access to this library can see the changes you make in documentation or widget presets.

Marketplace Upload

On the top right side of the screen you will find a Sign in button. With this you can sign into the Marketplace. If a user with the EHR Studio credentials does not exist, one will be created. Once signed in, you will find a new button called Upload. Here you can upload your widgets, plugins, templates, forms and aql views, if you have the required permissions.

Marketplace Upload

After selecting a file, a modal will appear, allowing you to choose the library for uploading your content. You can also choose whether the uploaded content is a new version of existing content. Marketplace upload modal

You can also:

  • select what supporting content to add among that already bundled with the content
  • additionally add any supporting content
  • add keywords (to make search easier),
  • add detailed description,
  • add what's new (what has changed from the previous version),
  • add a thumbnail image,
  • add documentation,
  • and check preview.

If the content is a widget you can also create and manage presets. See the video below on how to edit a widget and create a new preset for it and save it using the Marketplace.


Marketplace offers the flexibility of using multiple libraries, which serve as repositories for specific groups of members. As a member of a library, you gain the ability to upload and modify content, such as widgets, widget presets, forms, templates and AQL views. Moreover, you have the privilege to invite additional members to your library, enabling you to share content exclusively with the users you choose.

If you require your own library, or if you are in need of any other administrative actions besides adding members and managing content, contact us at