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Importing Files to EHR Platform

EHR Studio allows you to import templates, forms, and summaries, and all the necessary resources in order for them to work properly.

You can import content that is in the following formats:

  • Form bundles (.zip)
  • Summary bundles (.zip)
  • Templates (.opt or .xml)
  • Template bundles (.zip)
  • AQL Views (.json)

bundles are zip files that contain the form/summary/template and all the resources that are used in them.

To import a new files or just update existing ones, you can do that by clicking this icon in the navigation panel:

After initiating, the import application will show you a modal window to which you can drag and drop any supported file, or you can simply click the Browse link and choose the file from your filesystem.

Once you upload the file, the system will check if the exact same content exist on the EHR Server. If the exact content does already exist, the system will not make any changes. If they do not, the system will show you another modal window with more import options.

The screenshot below shows an example of a bundle import. The system will show you all the resources that are included in the bundle and allow you to choose which ones you want to import.