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AQL Builder Overview

All the stored data in EHR Server can be queried by writing AQLs and executing them. AQL Builder is a user-friendly tool that helps you query and analyse EHR data. AQL Builder can:

  • Write queries on top of already stored templates and predefined EHR server objects.
  • Offer autocompletion and validation before the actual execution.
  • Format queries into a more user-friendly structure.
  • Edit, store, and delete AQL views and JavaScript views.
  • Debug JavaScript views using browsers debug window.
  • See your personal history of queries.
  • Store reusable snippets.
  • See data queried in complex, simple, or raw format.
  • Export data as a CSV file to analyze in some other application (e.g. Excel).

AQL Builder Building Blocks

AQL Builder building blocks are:

  • AQL history,
  • views,
  • snippets,
  • predefined EHR server objects, and
  • templates.

AQL History

AQL history is a list of all the AQL queries you have executed in the AQL Builder. It provides history and quick access to previous queries.

AQL history is the first menu item of the AQL Builder:

AQL history


Views are stored AQL queries that you can access through an API. Storing AQL queries to a view provides an extra security layer.

Views are the second menu item of the AQL Builder:



Snippets let you store AQL queries, or parts of AQL queries for later reference and quick use.

Snippets are the third menu item of the AQL Builder:


Predefined EHR Server Objects

The predefined EHR server objects are a content-independent part of a template. Predefined EHR server objects are:

  • EHR data,
  • composition data,
  • composition version, and
  • versioned object.

Predefined EHR server objects are the fourth menu item of the AQL Builder:

Predefined EHR Server objects


Templates are event-specific data sets that combine data elements from which you can build forms. Templates also help you build AQL queries since they already group event-relevant data together.

Templates are the fifth menu item of the AQL Builder: