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Form Renderer installation

Form renderer is a JavaScript library hosted on Better private npm registry. To be able to download and consume it you need a JavaScript package manager of choice (npm or yarn) and a valid credentials for Better npm registry.

Installation setup

In your terminal execute following command to log in to Better registry:

npm login --registry=
npm config set @better-web-components:registry

With that set of commands you are logging in to Better registry, setting up a scope for registry @better-web-components so that only packages published under that scope will be fetched from Better registry, and the rest will still be fetched from global npm/yarn registry.

For example: npm i lodash @better-web-components/form-renderer will result in getting lodash package from and @better-web-components will be fetched from

Install Form Renderer

Use one of the following package managers to install Form Renderer:


npm install @better-web-components/form-renderer


yarn add @better-web-components/form-renderer