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Form Renderer Overview

Form Renderer is a Web Components JavaScript library for rendering forms created with EHR Studio. Form Renderer has been developed in mind to make integrating it to any application as smooth as possible.

Form renderer supports the latest, stable releases of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari browsers.

Once you integrate Form Renderer to you application, rendering form is as easy as passing EHR Server URL, credentials for it and a form name to library. Form Renderer will then fetch requested form and render it to your screen. Additionally you can pass a composition id which will fetch values for already saved form and will prefill it in your current form. If saving the composition is already on your form via a dependency, then saving a composition is already handled by Form Renderer, otherwise you can access a value object and save it yourself.

We provide two sets of instructions:

  • for framework independent web applications and
  • for Angular applications.

If there is no specific instructions for one or another it means that the procedure is universal for both.

In the following sections, you will find instructions on how to set up your environment to include the library in your application and interact with it.