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Better EHR Studio 1.3 Release Notes

1.3.2 (2020-01-13)

Bug fixes

Form Builder

  • Fix blank screen error after refresh if user added any widget (TOOLS-1200)

1.3.1 (2020-01-13)


*Form Builder#

  • add ability for upload to set EHR id by parameter specified in annotation for DV_MULTIMEDIA
Bug fixes

*Form Builder#

  • fix missing "click" action on button in dependency (TOOLS-1192)
  • do not update max multiplicity, if it is set to infinity on template (TOOLS-1197)
  • fix minor visual bug for icon image of the generic save button (TOOLS-1196)
  • center the icon for collapse template-panel (firefox only problem) (TOOLS-1184)
  • add ability to select annotation name so you can see it whole and copy it if you want (TOOLS-1193)
  • added truncate text to widget cards and added tooltip to fix bug with too long widget names) (TOOLS-1195)

1.3.0 (2020-01-10)


Form Builder

  • add option to hide inputs for quantity, ordinal and coded text (TOOLS-980)

  • select screen redesign (TOOLS-1048)

  • exporting form to zip now also exports the image (TOOLS-1097)

  • add option to add custom url to domain list in login (TOOLS-1067)

  • added ability to resize bottom panel (script api editor) in form builder (TOOLS-1106)

  • redesigned form playground (TOOLS-1064)

  • added options to copy contents of some toastr info to clipboard (TOOLS-1064)

  • added ability in playground to fill form with latest composition from ehr server (TOOLS-963)

  • add formId formVersion to tags in composition if provided (TOOLS-921)

  • moved application update notice to a small icon in the bottom left where the user options are (TOOLS-1120)

  • usage of up and down arrow buttons is now enabled when searching through templates (TOOLS-1127)

  • if script failes it will now show an error on preview (TOOLS-1088)

  • added option to collapse sidebar (TOOLS-1126)

  • fixed bug with images and scripts missing in zip when exported from EHR Studio (TOOLS-1142)

  • implemented generic image field (TOOLS-1110)

  • validate forms on select screen (works only on EHR Server version 2.5.1 and higher) (TOOLS-1047)

  • added ability to set range of years in partial date presentation (TOOLS-1101)

  • added variables panel and save button in generics (TOOLS-1039)

  • generic types are now split into groups:

    • generic inputs

    • containers & others

    • buttons


AQL Builder

  • store AQL Builder tabs to local storage so they remain after next visit or refresh (TOOLS-1067)

  • added hierarchy for creating queries from tree in AQL (TOOLS-1098)


  • added spinner when sidebar panel is loading in AQL (TOOLS-1075)

  • added detailed view for predefined objects in AQL (TOOLS-1075)

  • inserting version object and version nodes in existing query if possible (TOOLS-1104)

  • added pagination to AQL result tables (TOOLS-1133)

Bug fixes

Form Builder

  • renamed "load composition" to "load last composition"
  • fixed memory leaks (TOOLS-1176)
  • filter annotations to hide the ones with forbidden names (TOOLS-1078)
  • filter unique form Ids when assigning children to parent (TOOLS-1178)
  • fixed issue with min multiplicity (TOOLS-1178)
  • make hr line visible on zooming in and out in browsers (TOOLS-986)
  • login fix for when there are no domains in domain list
  • global dependencies field size on resize fixed (TOOLS-1055)
  • fixed dropdown menu width (TOOLS-1000)
  • fixed disappearing separator in replace field input dropdown (TOOLS-1124)
  • removed additional properties from property panel from fields that don't have any (TOOLS-1145)
  • do not populate form store if you have unsaved document (TOOLS-1151)
  • prevent selecting field if model does not exist (TOOLS-1151)
  • optimization with removing some things (TOOLS-824):
    • removed RmTypeModelValueGetter
    • removed applyvalue
    • removed circular dependencies between view config layout and model
    • removed FormObjectModel
    • removed FormRepeatableElementModel
    • removed ViewConfigProperty and simplified how Size, Alignment, Label positions are parsed
  • added setPropertyValue and getPrettyValue on models instead of RmTypeModelValueGetter (TOOLS-824)
  • removed some context properties (TOOLS-1174)
  • set default from persistent generic to false (TOOLS-1182)
  • make the predefined values show in dropdown and make the annotations auto add if it has default value (TOOLS-1173)
  • optimized context updateing (TOOLS-1181)
  • remove case sensitivity for searching form Ids in playground
  • fix validation if a field has empty inputs (TOOLS-1087)
  • set terminology service on preview refresh (TOOLS-1083)
  • make all fields in dependencies clickable to highlight on tree (TOOLS-1105)
  • fix visual bug when adding and removing columns (TOOLS-828)
  • update multiplicity when importing template (TOOLS-1116)
  • fix min and max precision for range fields and add ability to limit them to template (TOOLS-1036)
  • fixed autosize on text field with multiple lines (TOOLS-1072)
  • fixed bug where you were unable to click on the total left when editing a label (TOOLS-1102)
  • improved image map performance and fixed minor bugs (TOOLS-1118)
  • clicking form builder logo now redirects you to select and not the dashboard (TOOLS-1125)
  • updated a few translations
  • opening a form and not changing anything doesn't replace last opened document anymore (TOOLS-1121)
  • renamed "publish" to "save composition" in preview mode (TOOLS-1134)
  • enabled adding annotations to generic label
  • fixed bug where adding some anntations would remove other properties in viewConfig.annotations (TOOLS-1150)
  • added multiplicity controls to partial date (TOOLS-1130)
  • remove default terminology values from form description (TOOLS-1158)
  • fixed bug with terminology not working if both codesystem and optional name are not provided
  • fixed multimedia upload url so that it gets stored into the annotation

AQL Builder

  • prevent selecting the same nodes from tree in AQL (TOOLS-1165)
  • ctrl/cmd + s (and ctrl + shift + s) now open proper modal windows when saving views or queries (TOOLS-1038)
  • identify "FROM" keyword with regex for aql (TOOLS-1166)
  • in AQL prevent selecting the same nodes when double-clicking item from tree (TOOLS-1165)
  • fix marking keywords following "AS" as invalid in AQL Builder (TOOLS-1086)
  • use original name in WHERE clause in AQL (TOOLS-1129)
  • improved table presentation in AQL (TOOLS-1133)
  • AQL autocomplete fixes (improved suggestion accuracy and fix validation if WHERE clause is not correct) (TOOLS-1138)
  • AQL bugfixes (filtering column names, filter out commented params, validation) (TOOLS-1170)