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Better EHR Studio 1.4 Release Notes

1.4.0 (2020-02-03)


Form Builder

  • Added prototype support for variables and expressions use in dependencies (TOOLS-1161)

  • Widget store redesign (TOOLS-1180)

  • Added feature to delete forms or specific version of form on select screen (TOOLS-1204)

  • Added ability to update domain in login screen (TOOLS-1222)

Bug fixes

Form Builder

  • Fixed bug with dependencies not showing after removing them on DV_TIME (TOOLS-1201)
  • Fixed issues with preserving properties between CODED_TEXT and TEXT field with options (TOOLS-300)
  • Changed position of the "remove" and "show in template tree" icons so it is easier to click them on wide fields (TOOLS-985)
  • Fixed issue of image presentation not showing when going directly in builder preview with clean browser state (TOOLS-1118)
  • New api function "removeListener" added (TOOLS-1169)
  • Fixed issue of hide/show sidebar panel icon not being centered in firefox (TOOLS-1184)
  • Show validity icon on forms list if form has valid metadata resource (TOOLS-1186)
  • Update error message if server is unreachable and prevent duplication of the error (TOOLS-1189)
  • Fixed overlapping fields for partial date presentation when fields were small and narrow width (TOOLS-1190)
  • Allow generic image field width button to slide even if it is currently hidden (TOOLS-1191)
  • Fix "click" action in dependencies for button (TOOLS-1192)
  • Added titles to annotations and allow them to be clickable so you can see even very long annotations name and values (TOOLS-1193)
  • Fixed issue when trying to use "set" dependency action for empty ordinal field (TOOLS-1206)
  • Removed the auto-select from dropdown of predefined annotations for improved user experience (TOOLS-1207)
  • Fixed error with setting time value in dependency (TOOLS-1215)
  • Fixed issue with dependency error disappearing when adding a valid dependency after it (TOOLS-1217)
  • Fixed issue where you could not disable the "hide frame" settings in form builder (TOOLS-1218)
  • Fixed issue with drag not working in safari in some cases (TOOLS-1220)
  • Improved error reporting and validation of forms where layout and description don't match (TOOLS-1221)
  • Fixed issue with "clear" option being shown on all ordinal and coded text fields (TOOLS-1223)
  • Fixed issue with template tree not being updated when field was replaced (TOOLS-1224)
  • Fixed error where layout and description mismatch error occurred when taking fields out of containers (TOOLS-1225)
  • Fixed issues with button triggering all dependencies connected to it, even if it was not on the same button (TOOLS-1228)
  • Fixed issue where template path and aql path were not fully visible while collapsing and expanding the property sidebar (TOOLS-1229)
  • Fixed issue with dependency dropdown hiding behind canvas in some cases (TOOLS-1232)
  • Fixed error where reopening last closed form displayed error if you opened another form in between (TOOLS-1240)
  • Fixed error where terminology fields were not immediately visible after inputting terminology URL (TOOLS-1210)
  • Fixed issue where searching dropdown field results of terminology set values was not working (TOOLS-1211)
  • Fixed issue where adding parameters to terminology values did not apply immediately in form builder (TOOLS-1212)
  • Fixed issue where spinner animation would remain on form select menu if there were no forms available (TOOLS-1219)
  • Fixed issue where setting years range did not appear when part of date was hidden (TOOLS-1235)
  • Fixed issue where customize localizations switch button would turn off by itself if you did not change value and changed fields (TOOLS-1239)
  • Fixed visual bug where you would see an empty image field for a split second when switching image fields via dependency (TOOLS-1248)
  • Autosize option added to text fields even if input is displayed in 1 line (TOOLS-1243)
  • Enabled changing label width even then inherit field is checked, so that it automatically switches inherit off then value is different from it (TOOLS-1252)
  • Fixed issue where dragging from between 2 fields on template tree caused the whole tree to be dragged to canvas (TOOLS-1246)
  • Fixed dependency issues for duration field (TOOLS-1199)

AQL Builder

  • Fixed issue with incorrectly underlining query if "OR" was used in brackets (TOOLS-1208)
  • Fixed issue with incorrectly displaying the "Missing parameter at EOF" error in some cases (TOOLS-1209)
  • Fixed validation error for "tagged by" usage in AQL (TOOLS-1214)
  • Fixed issue where autocomplete would not suggest correct parameters for some specific fields (TOOLS-1241)