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Better EHR Studio 2.3 Release Notes

2.3.0 (2020-10-05)

compatible with form renderer version 2.6.0


Form Builder

  • Added the ability to enable and disable values of coded text fields (TOOLS-1872)

  • Allow using js views as variables (TOOLS-1891)


  • Implemented presentation mode of forms (TOOLS-1904)

  • Added new generic multimedia field (TOOLS-1953)

  • Added the ability to show all pages at once in playground (TOOLS-1998)

  • Generic numeric field now allows input with decimal values (TOOLS-1800)

  • Generic spacer and generic label can now have tags set to them (TOOLS-2037)

AQL Builder

  • Added search bar and delete option to views in AQL Builder (TOOLS-1762)

  • Moved the export of .csv file to front-end (TOOLS-1851)

  • Added "format" code button to the query input (TOOLS-1846)

  • AQL history now shows date and time (TOOLS-1965)


Bug fixes

Form Builder

  • Fixed the bottom panels like script api editor and errors window blocking the content behind it (TOOLS-1817)
  • Fixed a bug that didnt show validation error when DV_COUNT field was empty (TOOLS-1836)
  • Allow user to change the test value of predefined variables (TOOLS-1857)
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error in the dependency when a coded text field was changed from datasource to internal coded after the dependency has been set (TOOLS-1882)
  • Fixed a bug that caused errors if you tried to open a form with deleted template in playground (TOOLS-1890)
  • Fixed a bug that occurred if the api used for upload on a field was deleted (TOOLS-1895)
  • Unified all open and close buttons for panels on form builder and aql builder (TOOLS-1822)
  • Fixed the validation of dependencies using variables and APIs (TOOLS-1946)
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the up arrow when setting number of columns for checkbox and radio presentation caused the number to go down (TOOLS-1936)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the top of form builder to hide in some cases (TOOLS-1950)
  • Fixed a bug where additional calls in lists didnt execute (TOOLS-1962)
  • Fixed a bug where fields that had values added after being validated still said the validation error under them (TOOLS-1967)
  • Fixed a bug where hidden property panel blocked clicks to fields where the panel used to cover (TOOLS-1968)
  • Removed some unused options from dependencies on multimedia and canvas fields (TOOLS-1973)
  • Fixed issue to add values to interactive image for ordinal fields (TOOLS-1974)
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't map values to interactive image if they were from a datasource (TOOLS-1975)
  • Fixed some expression syntax issues when using CONCAT in expression assistant (TOOLS-1978)
  • Fixed a bug where replacing a generic field to a "any" type field caused errors (TOOLS-1954)
  • Fixed a bug where dependencies could change the default value of a field in editor mode (TOOLS-1984)
  • Fixed a issue with expanding the API panel (TOOLS-1907)
  • Fixed a bug where deleting all dependencies from a field didnt remove them completely in some rare cases (TOOLS-1987)
  • Fixed a bug where "otherwise" didn't work properly for fields with selection values (TOOLS-1992)
  • Fixed a bug where a form with a error didn't open (TOOLS-1996)
  • Fixed a bug where coded text fields didnt refresh after adding selection values to them when they already had datasource (TOOLS-2003)
  • Fixed a bug where setting the code for a coded text field returned the label (TOOLS-2036)
  • Fixed a bug with setting variables via dependencies (TOOLS-2033)
  • Fixed a bug where you got a unauthorized error when using AQLs that require authorization even though you had it set (TOOLS-2031)
  • Fixed a bug where using more variables and not having both set caused a error saying the variable is a unknown parameter (TOOLS-2022)
  • Fixed a console error being displayed when a selection value has invalid characters in it (TOOLS-2014)
  • Fixed a bug where removing a datasource from a field caused a console error (TOOLS-2011)
  • Fixed a console error if result from aql variable didnt exist (TOOLS-2049)
  • Fixed a issue where the tooltip didn't show in full on playground and preview if it was on top of the form (TOOLS-1915)
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases the form reported errors on form in editor, but there were none (TOOLS-2021)
  • Fixed a issue where in some cases the order of the expressions wasn't preserved if it was changed (TOOLS-2051)
  • Fixed a bug where you could move the column divider on the form from the scrip panel in front of it (TOOLS-2025)

AQL Builder

  • Fixed a bug where formatting some queries resulted in a invalid query (TOOLS-1947)
  • Fixed a bug that showed a error in query when using "TOP 1" and there was no error (TOOLS-1955)
  • Fixed a issue where double clicking on template fields added redundant data to select part of the query (TOOLS-1963)
  • Fixed a bug where you had to enter name of view again when updating a view (TOOLS-1964)
  • Fixed a bug where querying js views didnt show results below anymore after running a regular AQL query (TOOLS-1969)
  • Fixed a issue where double clicking a field from template when creating a js view created a invalid query (TOOLS-1970)
  • Fixed a issue with overlapping fields in the template panel on safari browsers (TOOLS-1976)
  • Fixed a bug where the name of the template overlapped the query tabs if it was too long (TOOLS-2050)