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Better EHR Studio 3.0 Release Notes

3.0.9 (2021-07-29)

compatible with form renderer version 3.0.9

Bug fixes

  • display dropdown when disabling/enabling field
  • make value ref when generic fields gets duplicated
  • resolve multi index models based on for model

3.0.8 (2021-07-28)

compatible with form renderer version 3.0.8

Bug fixes

  • unsubscribe from script api events on model destroy
  • support object type values for subset of rm type models

3.0.7 (2021-07-22)

compatible with form renderer version 3.0.7

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with container multiplicity when using script api

3.0.6 (2021-07-20)

compatible with form renderer version 3.0.6

Bug fixes

Form Builder
  • Fixed issue where fields that had value "0" that came from AQL showed "null" instead of "0" (TOOLS-2900)

3.0.5 (2021-07-13)

compatible with form renderer version 3.0.5

Bug fixes

Form Builder
  • Fix issue of always getting first result from datasource when trying to set last

3.0.4 (2021-07-09)

compatible with form renderer version 3.0.4

Bug fixes

Form Builder
  • Fields that have interactive image presentation with image map will now show the image as disabled in read-only mode (TOOLS-2868)
  • Made image-map selected values more visible in read-only mode (TOOLS-2868)
  • Fixed a bug where on checkbox presentation of coded text in read-only mode only the other value was shown (TOOLS-2876)
  • Fixed a bug where datasource values sometimes didn't resolve before using them in dependency to set value (TOOLS-2877)
  • Fixed issue where manually inputted other value was not seen in preview in text fields with list and allowed other values (TOOLS-2882)
  • Fixed issue where layout was applied to whole presentation mode

3.0.3 (2021-06-21)

compatible with form renderer version 3.0.3

Bug fixes

Form Builder
  • Fixed an issue where error messages didn't translate if language was changed after form was rendered
  • Fixed issue where searching for a value in combobox could cause the dropdown to display "Loading..." (TOOLS-2841)
  • Fixed an issue where entering "other" value in coded text fields would cause it to appear twice in dropdown (TOOLS-2842)
  • Fixed an issue where rich text heading selection dropdown would be overlapped with placeholder text and field property icons on fields (TOOLS-2856)
  • Validation style is no longer applied on readonly fields
  • Minor designing changes to preserve border widths on smaller screens

3.0.2 (2021-06-12)

compatible with form renderer version 3.0.2

Bug fixes

Form Builder
  • Fixed an issue where refreshing an oauth2 token could cause the change password modal to pop-up (TOOLS-2819)
  • Made HTML font size same in editor as on prevew
  • Fixed a problem where search text in combobox was behind already selected values (TOOLS-2830)

3.0.1 (2021-06-02)

compatible with form renderer version 3.0.1

Bug fixes

Form Builder
  • Set other input value if it is provided in composition (TOOLS-2792)
  • Fixed an error if user added generic field to canvas before the form was loaded (TOOLS-2801)
  • Fixed an error where dependencies using contains did not always work as expected (TOOLS-2803)

3.0.0 (2021-02-19)

With the 3.0 release, Better EHR Studio gets a major revamp. We introduced many new major functionalities, smaller and bigger improvements, bug fixes, as well as redesigns that boost the user experience and expand on usability.

Compatible with form renderer version 3.0.0

Table of Content:


New Launcher Page

Introduced a new launcher page that enables simplified access to all the modules of Better EHR Studio - Form Builder, AQL Builder, Playground, Administration, and Documentation.


Form Builder

Forms Redesign

Revamped the design and layout of forms for greater usability and clarity. The forms' content is now presented with a clear differentiation between inputs and other elements, such as headings or instructions. The new version of forms is also device-agnostic and improves the experience of both the users that build forms and the ones that fill them in.

Multiple Templates

Users can now add multiple templates within a single form by simply dragging templates from the template menu onto the Form Builder's canvas.

Label Forms

The new labelling system allows users to name and colour-label every single form in order to easily and swiftly search for or browse through the entire collection of forms, no matter the size of users' library.

Rich Text & HTML

Using the Rich Text field, users can now define the structure and style of all texts within a form through a visual interface, without any code. To produce user-friendly forms with visually guiding, structured content, users can also utilize the new HTML field and create pure HTML within a form.

Label Editor

Users can now edit labels and set their style in all fields.

Real-Time Preview

Form preview is now displayed in a separate browser tab and it automatically, without refreshing the page, reflects all the changes made in Form Builder in real-time.

Expression Assistant

Using Expression Assistant's set of simple functions and their descriptions, users can now quickly transform their data into a better-suited format. (TOOLS-1942)

Added FLOOR, CEIL and COUNT functions to expression assistant functions (TOOLS-2174, TOOLS-2199)

AQL as Datasource in Lists

Added the ability to use AQL as a data source in list field type.

Refreshing Lists Data Via Dependencies

Loading Compositions in Preview

Implemented ability to load compositions in Preview and in Playground.

Original Response Data

Included a functionality that allows users to get original response data when using custom response on API call initialization.

New Static Variable: dateFormat


Saving Compositions as Incomplete

Users can now save their compositions as incomplete.


Template Panel Redesign

The new design makes it easy for users to browse and search through extensive template libraries.

Name Localization

Introduced an ability to save form name translations when publishing a form.


Restoring Data in Preview

Added a function to restore data in Preview.

AQL Builder

Panel Width Customization

Added an ability to change the width of the left panel.


Administration Panel

We added a backend and administration panel that provide users with essential capabilities like editing EHR Server templates, views, forms, and users.

Terminology Adapter URL

Users can now add a Terminology Adapter URL to their domain at a project level, which will automatically include it whenever creating forms in Form Builder.

Bug fixes

Form Builder

  • Improved form error reporting to more clearly inform users whenever a problem exists within a form (TOOLS-2008)
  • Fixed an issue with removing values from predefined variables (TOOLS-2026)
  • Added an error message in Preview when users are using an AQL with missing parameters (TOOLS-2027)
  • Fixed an issue where navigation control and 'show all pages at once' in Preview could cause some pages to be shown multiple times (TOOLS-2041)
  • Fixed a bug where searching for the spacer via dependencies didn't highlight the field in a form (TOOLS-2047)
  • Improved reporting on changes made in a field to always display relevant info (TOOLS-2053)
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the property panel to expand or contract (TOOLS-2057)
  • Fixed an issue where the 'code' tab's content didn't change when switching pages (TOOLS-2058)
  • Removed the feature of setting default values in a pre-filled form (TOOLS-2059)
  • Fixed a bug where an AQL variable with multiple results didn't set values correctly in some cases (TOOLS-206)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the error in presentation mode when setting a quantity without a unit (TOOLS-2064)
  • Fixed a bug where using a variable inside an API that was used as a data source on another field didn't work (TOOLS-2068)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from setting a default value for coded text fields via externally provided values (TOOLS-2070)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users to set a default value for 'dv_text' fields with 'listOpen' set to 'true' (TOOLS-2071)
  • Fixed an error where opening Preview before a form finished loading resulted in failure (TOOLS-2074)
  • Updated documentation to include new domain changes (TOOLS-2079)
  • Fixed a bug where deleted 'dv_proportion' values were still present in form values (TOOLS-2082)
  • Fixed a bug which prevented coded text fields that used datasource in lists to show values (TOOLS-2085)
  • Improved adding fields to expressions using the '+' sign (TOOLS-2089)
  • Omitted an option to remove frames from lists, since such frames wouldn't work as lists anymore (TOOLS-2090)
  • Fixed an issue with EHRLD missing in Preview after refreshing the browser window (TOOLS-2091)
  • Fixed a console error that appeared when using an unauthorized AQL variable (TOOLS-2092)
  • Fixed a bug where an empty, externally provided variable displaying 'null' (TOOLS-2097)
  • Fixed missing translations for 'dv_text' that includes a list (TOOLS-2099)
  • Fixed an issue where it seemed like users can upload a canvas in Preview (TOOLS-2078)
  • Fixed an issue where the 'clear' function did not clear canvas' current changes (TOOLS-2101)
  • Now showing spinner loading icon if a form is taking longer to load (TOOLS-2102)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the script from running in duplicated fields (TOOLS-2103)
  • Fixed a bug that in some cases prevented the bottom part of the API panel to be displayed (TOOLS-2107)
  • Removed 'disable value' for boolean fields (TOOLS-2108)
  • Fixed dependencies not working when duplicating an already duplicated field (TOOLS-2115)
  • Fixed an error when using an API call in lists with a missing parameter (TOOLS-2119)
  • Fixed a bug where adding values to a form with a loaded composition didn't add new values to the composition if they were inside a duplicated container (TOOLS-2120)
  • 'Hide value label' option is now only available if 'Show value code' is enabled (TOOLS-2122)
  • Fixed a memory leak issue when moving from Preview to editor and back multiple times (TOOLS-2128)
  • Fixed the bug of numeric field not displaying a value properly (TOOLS-2132)
  • Added missing translations on some actions in expressions on mouse hover (TOOLS-2133)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users to set a value to ordinal with the '%' sign at the start of the label (TOOLS-2136)
  • Fixed a bug where additional calls in lists with variables didn't work (TOOLS-2144)
  • Fixed the bug with setting a value to coded text from an AQL value set via dependencies (TOOLS-2146)
  • 'Quantity' will now automatically select a unit if none is selected (TOOLS-2149)
  • Fixed an issue in 'list' where a field could overlap over the column boundaries (TOOLS-2084)
  • Improved the error message displayed when a user is unauthorized to view forms (TOOLS-2153)
  • Fixed a console error showing dependencies when using clear-only unit (TOOLS-2154)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented 'DV_IDENTIFIER' to show in presentation mode (TOOLS-2156)
  • Fixed an issue with coded text without label keeping the previous value when changed via dependencies (TOOLS-2158)
  • Renamed some labels to increase their clarity in presentation mode (TOOLS-2159)
  • Optimized loading of large API responses in coded texts that put extra strain on the editor (TOOLS-2160)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented an array variable used in the 'MAX (array)' function to work properly (TOOLS-2163)
  • Prevented a hidden field with a value from contributing to container visibility (TOOLS-2166)
  • Reduced bundle size by using FFMPEG-encoded videos instead of GIFs in Better EHR Studio documentation (TOOLS-2167)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the '@latest tag' function to work properly when installing form-renderer (TOOLS-2169)
  • Fixed a bug with booleans disappearing when viewing a composition in read-only mode (TOOLS-2171)
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when deleting a row with dependency (TOOLS-2175)
  • Fixed an error that occurred when switching to the presentation mode and back (TOOLS-2198)
  • Fixed a bug where the presentation mode rendered HTML tags (TOOLS-2222)
  • Added a missing translation for unvalidated forms (TOOLS-2229)
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the top left icon didn't open the Better EHR Studio launcher page (TOOLS-2230)
  • Improved highlighting sections of the property panel so it doesn't move the text (TOOLS-2233)
  • Removed the language label if there is only one available language (TOOLS-2234)
  • Fixed a bug where users could click the disabled 'select field' pill in dependencies (TOOLS-2235)
  • Added a tooltip for the entry page icon in pages (TOOLS-2238)
  • Fixed the alignment of the 'missing datasource for stacked list' icon (TOOLS-2243)
  • Fixed an issue where AQL datasource was not disabled in coded text fields in templates with values (TOOLS-2244)
  • Removed 'missing datasource warning' from 'dv_text' fields (TOOLS-1920)
  • Fixed an issue where 'dv_text' with datasource didn't get values before refresh (TOOLS-2258)
  • Fixed the issue with removing 'other' value (TOOLS-2260)
  • Fixed a bug where a dependency in a multiplied container removed the value from the previous container (TOOLS-2290)
  • Added a warning that informs users if a data source is an array (TOOLS-2293)
  • Fixed several issues and improved performance of forms with large API responses (TOOLS-2320)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a container, which was pre-set as hidden, to properly show/hide dependencies when duplicated (TOOLS-2292)
  • Fixed the problem of the top of the toolbar disappearing in some scenarios (TOOLS-2340)
  • Fixed a bug where a 'dv_text' with a closed list didn't show the values from terminology properly (TOOLS-2357)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users to add a selection value that was already previously added but had the label changed (TOOLS-2393)

AQL Builder

  • Fixed a bug where browsing through autocomplete also moved through open template search results (TOOLS-2055)
  • Fixed a bug where some variables for results caused the column names in result window to be wrong (TOOLS-2063)
  • Fixed several bugs that occurred with formatting queries (TOOLS-2065)
  • Fixed an issue where using DISTINCT and then sorting the tables didn't work (TOOLS-2152)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the 'order by' function to work properly if not written in capital letters (TOOLS-2191)