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Better EHR Studio 3.1 Release Notes

3.1.4 (2021-10-25)

compatible with form renderer version 3.1.4

Bug fixes

Form Builder
  • Fixed a bug where entering the slash character ("/") in the form name caused the form not to open when selecting it on the form select screen (TOOLS-3050)

3.1.2 (2021-09-27)

compatible with form renderer version 3.1.2

Bug fixes

Form Builder
  • Fixed bug where in a specific case when having a "missing" item in dependencies and clicking the remove icon it could cause the form builder to freeze (TOOLS-3029)
  • Fixed bug where in some cases when clicking remove icon in dependencies it would cause the add icon to appear (TOOLS-3030)

3.1.1 (2021-08-24)

compatible with form renderer version 3.1.1

Bug fixes

  • Fix issue where if there was only a sub-composition loaded in multi-template form, proper context was not created on all sub-compositions

3.1.0 (2021-07-12)

With the 3.1 release of the EHR Studio we added some new very useful and powerful functionalities to make building forms even better. We also fixed some of the bugs. Check out all the details below.

Compatible with form renderer version 3.1.0

Table of Content:

Form Builder

Ability to copy forms and templates

Added the ability to easily copy your forms and templates between your Projects.

Ability to move fields across pages

Now you can move fields across all your pages on the form easily from the property panel. This means faster building and maintaining of your forms.

Stacked list rows can now be made clickable

Stacked list rows can now be made to be clickable, so the user can easily select something from a list without the need of extra buttons.

New boolean presentation mode

We created a new boolean presentation mode which is in the form of a Yes / No answer

See what page a field is on in dependencies

You can now not only see when a field in your dependency is not on the same page, but also what page it is on


White background form theme

Added a new form theme with white background

Draghandle on fields

Fields now have a dedicated drag handle to make it easier to move around the form

New variable currentPage

Added new static variable currentPage to let you know the id of the page the user is currently on


Search box for template list

Added a search input in the template list, so you can find your templates faster

Editing of projects

You can now edit your projects in the administration panel

Server role restrictions

Users with limited permissions now also have limited access to view certain content in the EHR Studio.


Collapsable titles

Titles in documentation menu are now able to collapse so the user has a better focus on what they are looking for.

Bug fixes

Form Builder

  • Unified the names of the generic fields with the labels (TOOLS-2461)
  • Upgraded the EHR Studio to the latest version of Angular (TOOLS-2781)
  • Fixed an issue with the entry page icon moving when hovering over it (TOOLS-2821)
  • Fixed the alignments of fields when viewing the form in readonly mode (TOOLS-2818)
  • Fixed a bug where certain forms had a console error when opening them (TOOLS-2808)
  • Fixed a bug where unused image assets were still there after removing them from form (TOOLS-2218)
  • Fixed a bug in the dependencies where the dependency structure didn't change properly when changing the previous field (TOOLS-2237)
  • Improved the warning when fields have changed on the form as a consequence of the tempalte changing (TOOLS-2282)
  • Fixed a bug where uninstalled widgets didn't show on form (TOOLS-2356)
  • Fixed a bug where adding an additional call to a field inside a list could cause two expression assistants to open at once (TOOLS-2863)
  • Fixed issue with collapse property panel icon not showing fully when it was to narrow (TOOLS-2859)
  • Fixed a bug with multimedia pictures not showing thumbnail (TOOLS-2455)
  • Fixed a bug where you lost the changes to the label if you dragged a element to the editor before clicking away (TOOLS-2733)
  • Fixed a issue where renderer reported a error in console if a field had incomplete dependencies (TOOLS-2750)
  • Fixed a bug where slider would look like it is set to max when moving to it from a page after submitting your input (TOOLS-2800)
  • Made it easier to click the tooltip when hovering above items in the field dependencies (TOOLS-2837)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the user from deleting a form that had special signs in the name (e.g.: "/") (TOOLS-2849)
  • Fixed a bug where the default value for formLanguage had no value when first moving to preview (TOOLS-2861)
  • Fixed renderer styling so it is not off in external applications with smaller root font-size. All forms now have a default font size of 16px which can be changed by simply adjusting the CSS variable "--b-ehr-form-font-size" in external application styles (TOOLS-2864)
  • Fixed issue with traversing through subgroups of specific fields when setting value using AQL variables (TOOLS-2878)
  • Fixed issue with loosing form script when moving between pages and having script open (TOOLS-2850)
  • Fixed bug where entering invalid date format into a date field did not have translations when using a language different than english (TOOLS-2869)
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases the dependency using "equals" and "not equals" did not work properly using coded text values from datasource (TOOLS-2906)
  • Fixed bug when switching date field presentation to partial date and back to datepicker (TOOLS-2927)
  • Fixed bug with long email going out of bounds of the container (TOOLS-2942)
  • Fixed bug with partial date presentation opening first dropdown when focused (TOOLS-2935)

AQL Builder

  • Fixed an error when removing a saved view from the query and then opening the AQL builder again (TOOLS-2844)
  • Fixed issue with typeahead dropdown suggestions not showing when writing a query (TOOLS-2866)