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Better EHR Studio 3.2 Release Notes

3.2.9 (2022-05-27)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.2.9

Bug fixes

Form Builder
  • Prevent triggering multiple oAuth events in OIDC service for deployments with SSO authorization (TOOLS-3569)

3.2.8 (2022-05-12)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.2.8

Bug fixes

  • server side filtering on coded text (TOOLS-3415)

3.2.7 (2022-02-28)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.2.7


  • use defaultLanguage label if it does not exist for provided language (TOOLS-3315)

Bug fixes

  • fixed a bug when mustache view object creation removes tag symbols from all object values
AQL Builder
  • fixed aql views resolving promise function synchronously (TOOLS-3253)

3.2.6 (2022-02-09)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.2.6


  • Ability to format date through date-fns library when using FORMAT_DATE function in expression assistant (TOOLS-3323)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug when autoPrefill property was expected to be always provided in form context (TOOLS-3322)
  • Removed some default parameters when calling terminology from external APIs, so user has more control over it
  • AQL variable can be evaluated again even though there is already cached value which is not expired yet (TOOLS-3309)
  • Fixed a bug with SSO login in Safari (TOOLS-3228)

3.2.5 (2022-02-02)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.2.5


  • Ability to prefill the form fields with either the latest composition or the latest completed composition using a property in the EHR form context (TOOLS-3293)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug there other value from coded text was not shown on the field when loaded from a composition (TOOLS-3301)

3.2.4 (2022-01-19)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.2.4

Bug fixes

Form Builder
  • Fixed a bug where you could not replace a field directly on canvas in the editor if the field was removed from template
  • Fixed a bug where after clicking away from the "value" field in a variable you could not add test value before refreshing the variables panel (TOOLS-3248)
  • Fixed an issue where documentation would not open if a user did not have any Projects added (TOOLS-3272)
  • Fixed an issue where on preview you could not save composition once you removed the compositionId from the left property panel (TOOLS-3266)
  • Fixed a bug where a field was sometimes still shown in presentation mode even when value was cleared via the form
  • Fixed an issue where date field would be marked as invalid date when it was empty (TOOLS-3267)
  • Fixed a bug where default value for selection fields was converted to a LIST () function even if it already was one (TOOLS-3268)
  • Fixed a bug where value mapping did not work for AQL views (TOOLS-3282)
  • Fixed a bug where CLUSTER field values were not shown in presentation mode (TOOLS-3254)
  • Fixed a bug where the correct authorization was not used when calling the terminology datasource on OAuth2 users (TOOLS-3281)

3.2.3 (2021-12-22)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.2.3

Bug fixes

Form Builder
  • Fixed error that appeared when changing only the target field in dependencies but leaving the action and clicking away (TOOLS-3246)
  • Fixed validation behaviour error when quantity type field had default values set in list (TOOLS-3221)
  • Fixed an error when adding "other" value to a coded text field with combobox presentation is appeared in the dropdown twice (TOOLS-3239)
  • Fixed an issue where quantity field input got cut in some cases on readonly mode (TOOLS-3240)
  • Fixed an error where scrollbar would appear on quantity unit in some cases where it was not needed (TOOLS-3219)
  • Fixed an issue when dropdowns were not shown when trying to select something from certain field while having multiple form renderers on one page (TOOLS-3249)
  • Fixed an issue where duration fields did not show "0", but were empty (TOOLS-3251)
  • Fixed a bug where part of date was cut off if required warning was on the field (TOOLS-3139)
  • Hid all the placeholder and hit texts in readonly mode (TOOLS-3252)
  • Fixed an issue where if you added a values to quantity fields and removed it only the first letter of the placeholder remained (TOOLS-3250)
  • Fixed an issue when user was able to try to sort a column header for a list that was not sortable (TOOLS-3247)

3.2.2 (2021-12-15)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.2.2

Bug fixes

Form Builder
  • Fixed issue when settings days before and days after in the validation for date fields by clicking the up and down arrows in the input (TOOLS-3225)
  • Fixed issue where sticky column was not removed in property panel when removing the column in editor
  • Fixed bug with required warning showing in the property panel for generic fields
  • Removed option to add collapsible option to containers with hidden headers since the button is then not displayed
  • Fixed issue with the code system list not showing in the property panel if terminology url was different from the onen set in the project properties (TOOLS-3241)
  • Fixed issue where if a column list was used in a multiplied container with an AQL datasource the rows were empty in all except the first container (TOOLS-3231)
  • Fixed bug with "other" value presentation when using readonly mode (TOOLS-3237)
  • Fixed issue where it still registered virtual scroll on hidden column lists
  • Fixed bug with some dropdown lists from combobox presentation did not show on portal or applications using multiple embedded forms on one page (TOOLS-3238)
  • Fixed bug where the multiply and remove container buttons were higher than they should be in some cases (TOOLS-3144)
  • Fixed issues with containers with hidden header being converted to layout groups (TOOLS-3234)
  • Fixed a bug where if a field was set from a datasource using custom script the value was in the composition but not shown on field (TOOLS-3245)

3.2.1 (2021-08-12)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.2.1


Form builder

Added setFormSubmissionType method to scriptApi for setting the submission type of a form

Bug fixes

Form Builder
  • Fixed a bug with closing the HTML editor when double-clicking on adding fields (TOOLS-3222)
  • Fixed issues like dependencies on containers with hidden headers that were transformed into layout groups but were not on the page you saved the form on (TOOLS-3224)
AQL Builder
  • Fixed a bug where copying and pasting simplified queries didn't return the desired results (TOOLS-3203)
  • Fixed a bug resolving paths when running aql queries, that caused them in some cases not to execute the query (TOOLS-3226)
  • Fixed a bug where authorization header was not appended to API calls when using EHR Platform credentials on an Oauth2 authentication method (TOOLS-3217)
  • Fixed issue with widgets not being sorted when using column list with sort option
  • Fixed issue with datasource binding on column list first row (TOOLS-3223)
  • Fixed a styling issue with date-time fields overlapping in small containers (TOOLS-3218)

3.2.0 (2021-10-27)

With the 3.2 release of Better EHR Studio we added many powerful new features and functionalities that make form-building even easier and faster. In addition, we were also busy fixing bugs. Check out all the details below.

Better EHR Studio 3.2.0 is compatible with Form Renderer version 3.2.0.

Table of Content:

Form Builder

Added easier configuration of widgets and an improved widget marketplace

Better EHR Studio 3.2 introduces the brand-new Widgets that enable users to display clinical data in an even more comprehensive, plug & play way. Users can easily connect Widgets to any server they want (Rest API, openEHR, FIHR servers, etc.) and select any data they wish to display. The configuration of the widgets is easier to use than ever, and you can get them from the improved Marketplace.

Column List: Sticky Header and Sticky Columns

In the Column List, users can now select Sticky Header to preserve the header when scrolling vertically and Sticky Columns to preserve any desired columns when scrolling horizontally.

Viewing Multiplied Containers as a List

Added a new feature that allows users to view multiplied containers as a list. Users can now also add default values for any multiplied container.

Form Editing Collaboration

When multiple users open the same form on the same project, they will now all see warning messages informing them that the form is also being edited by someone else. This will help avoid problems when saving over newer versions of the form.

Selection Values Order

Added the ability that allows users to change the order of selection values in fields like DV_CODED_TEXT and DV_ORDINAL.

New Generic Layout Fields

We added new generic fields that help with creating a layout for forms. All previous forms with generic containers that have the header hidden will be automatically converted to a generic layout group, and containers will lose the ability to create rows and columns.

Vertical Borders in Column List

User can now select to see vertical borders in the column list field.

Restyled Toolbar

We completely restyled the top toolbar in Form Builder. To make multi-language form-building easier, we added an option to switch a form's language directly from the toolbar.

New Dependency Action: Hide and Clear

In the dependencies users can now select the new "hide & clear" action for certain fields.

HTML Editor Moved to the Bottom of the Interface

We moved the HTML editor to the bottom of the screen to give more room for writing HTML elements.

New Method of Authentication when Using APIs

When using an API, users can now select "EHR platform credentials" as an authentication method.


Improved Error Messages when Saving Composition Fails

Added a more descriptive error message that lets users know exactly what went wrong when saving a composition's fails.

Improved Functionality of the 'ANY' Field

In Form Builder, the 'ANY' field now displays all available types, which enables users to switch between these types inside a form.

Improved Filtering by Labels

Redesigned filtering by labels on the form selection screen for greater ease of use.

Collapsible and Expandable Containers

In form building's Interactions > Dependencies, users can now collapse or expand a container.

Selecting Existing Tags from a Dropdown

To further streamline form building, users can now select pre-existing tags from a dropdown.

Horizontal Scrolling of Column Lists

Column lists now support horizontal scrolling.

'Row Click' Action for Column Lists Added ability to use row click action in dependencies for column list

Added the ability to use the 'row click' action for Column Lists in Dependencies.

Support for RM 1.1.0

Added support for RM 1.1.0, which includes negative duration times and the DV_SCALE field.

Default Field Values

All default values in Form Builder can now be set only from the 'Display Properties' panel.

Ability to set any specific property

Added an ability to set any specific property in any field. This makes it easier to add any specific construct of openEHR to any field by using the form script.


Bug Fixes

Form Builder

  • Made the units dropdown wider to support longer unit names (TOOLS-3076)
  • Fixed an issue opening the AQL Builder and publishing a new version of a form when using slash in the form's name (TOOLS-3086).
  • Fixed a bug where a read-only field was partially hidden in a container and in a column list, if it had many columns (TOOLS-3065).
  • Fixed an issue where "ANY" type fields were not found when clicking the search icon in Expressions (TOOLS-3062).
  • Fixed a bug where a page was not validated after container frame was removed (TOOLS-3061)
  • Fixed a bug where terminology values with character '-' and numbers didn't match the saved composition's value (TOOLS-3055).
  • Fixed a bug where users could see HTML tags on styled fields in Expression Assistant (TOOLS-3057).
  • Fixed a bug where users could not read the whole warning about values being changed if they were on the top field of a form (TOOLS-3036).
  • Fixed a bug where inputting invalid dates did not report an error (TOOLS-3045).
  • Fixed an issue with forms not loading when switching them in Playground (TOOLS-3048).
  • Fixed the issue with users not being able to scroll down completely in the API panel (TOOLS-3047).
  • Fixed an issue with Boolean toggling when the presentation type is changed from three-state to checkbox (TOOLS-3049).
  • Date-picker will now open when users click anywhere in the input field of a date or datetime field (TOOLS-2982).
  • Prevented users from inputting a space character in variable names (TOOLS-3043).
  • Improved cards' position in Better Studio's entry screen to accommodate for narrower screens (TOOLS-2974).
  • Fixed the alignment of input fields and labels when a label is on the left side (TOOLS-3023).
  • Hid the import button for users that have no permissions to import templates or forms (TOOLS-3018).
  • Added a missing translation for the 'failed to add a history item' error (TOOLS-3002).
  • Fixed the alignment of the version column and the form name column on the form selection screen (TOOLS-3007).
  • Fixed an issue with the selected template collapsing when changing pages in Form Editor (TOOLS-2969).
  • When localisation name is missing, the label will now revert to the field name (TOOLS-2961).
  • Added missing labels for proportion field in the validation part of the field property panel (TOOLS-2934).
  • Fixed a bug where renaming the current page in Form Editor did not make the change in Toolbar (TOOLS-2958).
  • Fixed a bug where hiding a whole page from presentation mode did not work until refreshing preview (TOOLS-2873).
  • Fixed an error related to importing a new template to Form Editor, where values did not change until refreshing (TOOLS-3035).
  • Fixed an issue where users had to refresh the browser window when an oAuth2 token expired. (TOOLS-3037).
  • Fixed an issue with Boolean yes/no presentation not being translated to other languages in Form Builder (TOOLS-2843).
  • Fixed a bug where special characters being used in users' password caused an issue (TOOLS-3032).
  • Removed the User Profile from Administration for oAuth2 users (TOOLS-2994).
  • Fixed an issue where refreshing a form that had the keyword 'new' in it did not work. Properly. (TOOLS-3013)
  • Trimmed larger emails in the user menu so that they don't go out of the container boundaries.
  • Fixed an issue with setting negative number values for ordinals (TOOLS-2998).
  • Fixed a bug where changing a unit in Form Renderer only changed the value in the composition (TOOLS-2966).
  • Fixed an issue of applying an AQL value to a field with the same observation path as another value from the same AQL (TOOLS-2954).
  • Fixed showing additional properties notifier on the fields that require it (TOOLS-2789).
  • Fixed an issue with setting fields with suffixes on a list with a datasource via the Expression Assistant (TOOLS-2950).
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Select more values' error did not disappear after selecting the required number of values (TOOLS-2949).
  • Fixed the alignment of the highlighted area in the field property panel when clicking the property notifier icon on the field (TOOLS-2938).
  • Fixed an error that appeared when users tried to change a dependency from a field to a tag (TOOLS-2951).
  • Fixed a bug with setting coded text fields from a list with a datasource (TOOLS-2947).
  • Changed the way form values are stored, so that even simple values are now objects (TOOLS-2787).
  • Removed the green check marks from form Select Screen (TOOLS-2919).

AQL Builder

  • Fixed an issue where a wrong result was given from an AQL query that had multiple fields using the same cluster path (TOOLS-3081).
  • Fixed an issue where endless spinner animation was shown when executing large queries (TOOLS-3015).
  • Fixed a bug where formatting a query before writing it caused an invalid query (TOOLS-2973).
  • Fixed an issue where resolving the type of a variable before executing a query caused an error (TOOLS-2980).
  • Fixed a bug that caused some values to remain when switching from an AQL datasource to selection values (TOOLS-2891).
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases the AQL plain view query did not return the correct results (TOOLS-2891).
  • Fixed a bug where in some AQL queries some values were missing in the exported .csv table (TOOLS-2986).
  • Fixed a bug where some AQL queries were not valid after formatting them (TOOLS-2953).


  • Fixed the documentation navigation display to accommodate for narrower screens (TOOLS-2893).