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Better EHR Studio 3.5 Release Notes

3.5.0 (2022-12-08)

With the 3.5 release of Better EHR Studio we added many powerful new features and functionalities that make form-building even easier and faster. In addition, we were also busy fixing bugs. Check out all the details below.

Better EHR Studio 3.5.0 is compatible with Form Renderer version 3.5.0.

Table of Content:

Form Builder


You can now create a summary, which is similar to a form but used to only present already saved data. You can create new summaries and use fields from existing form or multiple forms.

Form summary

Similarly to the summary you can now create from multiple forms, you can also create a custom summary from a single form to show only the important data in a well-structured design to the patient. You can also add some mock data set on the preview on the form and select it while building the summary so you can see how the summary will look like with data.

New generic element Notification

We added a new generic element called "Notification". With this styled notification message, you can elevate your forms with a better design. It has 4 different style: Info, Warning, Basic and Draft.


Improved select screen design

The select screen design was completely reworked. The whole screen now loads faster, the history of the forms was moved to a button on the right and opens up in a modal and some other design features you can check out.

Additional text field validations

On the text field you can now set additional validation in the form of a RegEx. There are some predefined ones, but you can also write your custom one. Also you can add a custom error message if the pattern does not match the input.

Added return type validation for expressions

If you set the wrong return type into the expression you will now get a warning.

Return type validation

Improved code view

When viewing the code of the form like form description, layout and more we have not implemented the "monaco" viewer, which makes the code easier to read.

Improved code view

Added new dependency options for buttons for saving the composition

Saving the composition of a form can now be done on any button with the use of the dependency actions save composition and save incomplete composition. With this we replaced the generic save button and increased the flexibility of the dependencies.

Save composition dependencies


Improved documentation now also with a search function

The documentation was redesigned from scratch to achieve maximum usability. The biggest improvement is the search functionality, with it you can find what you are looking for in seconds!

Bug Fixes

Form Builder

  • Fixed a bug that made the input window of the expression assistant slightly expand when clicked inside (TOOLS-3652)
  • Fixed send new password text on the login page (TOOLS-3719)
  • Fixed a bug where fields were covering the toolbar when resizing (TOOLS-3706)
  • Fixed the project select dropdown to match other dropdowns across the EHR Studio (TOOLS-3764)
  • Fixed a styling issue with the focus border around the "Administration" button (TOOLS-3765)
  • Fixed a bug where adding a new generic switched off the show customization in property panel switch for all generic fields (TOOLS-3780)
  • Fixed a bug where no additional options were present if the widget mapping dataset ended with :first, :last or :filter (TOOLS-3800)
  • Fixed a bug where changing styling of a rich text was harder when borders of a container were in the background (TOOLS-3797)
  • Fixed a bug where you had to click the field property notification icon twice when first opening the form to open properties in the bottom panel (TOOLS-3762)
  • Fixed a bug where limit of decimal places could be set as a negative number (TOOLS-3855)
  • Fixed a bug where multimedia field dependencies got broken if you tried to edit existing ones (TOOLS-3763)
  • Fixed a bug where when you changed a dependency action to "call" the next dropdown selection was empty (TOOLS-3696)
  • Fixed a issue where modal windows did not close when using browser back button (TOOLS-3869)
  • Fixed an error that was thrown in console when using forms with some special characters in their name (TOOLS-3894)
  • Fixed a bug on preview where the multiplied container restored if you selected ehrId after editing their multiplicity (TOOLS-3801)
  • Fixed a bug closing stacked modal windows (TOOLS-3778)
  • Fixed bug where very long field names without spaces in dependencies were not truncated (TOOLS-3913)
  • Fixed a bug where the form settings button overlapped the pages dropdown (TOOLS-3920)
  • Fixed some issues validating the form in form builder after removing a page (TOOLS-3932)
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a variable did not show error if a dependency on a field used it (TOOLS-3939)
  • Fixed a bug where you could not see the hyperlink input window on rich text if it was only one line (TOOLS-3947)
  • Fixed a bug where the form validation error modal was not showing in preview and playground if the template used on the form had a slash "/" in the name (TOOLS-3950)
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong field name was displayed in the error modal if the form used multiple fields of the same archetype but renamed ids (TOOLS-3934)
  • Fixed a bug where on preview and in playground the wrong territory code was shown on form values and sent in composition (TOOLS-3953)
  • Fixed an issue where rich text and html fields did not fallback to the only localization given (TOOLS-3959)
  • Fixed a bug where widget did not load if it was not in the idb, but on the form (TOOLS-4030)

Form Renderer

  • Fixed a bug where the background of the "Other" value in coded text fields was white on readonly mode (TOOLS-3744)
  • Fixed a bug where changed image size was not preserved in presentation mode (TOOLS-3736)
  • Fixed a bug where canvas image was not shown in presentation mode (TOOLS-3717)
  • Fixed a bug when presenting date fields in narrow columns (TOOLS-3758)
  • Fixed some issues where validation error was not properly displayed or cleared
  • Fixed capitalization mistake on a error text (TOOLS-3767)
  • Fixed error where partial date validation for years range did not work properly (TOOLS-3865)
  • Performance improvements for large column lists (TOOLS-3757)
  • Fixed an issue with clearing a variable and added new script api function to clear variable that way also (TOOLS-3904)
  • Fixed issues with removing multiplicity containers in some cases removed only last container (TOOLS-3817)
  • Fixed some validation issues using other value and having to select multiple values in a coded text field (TOOLS-3903)
  • Fixed some issues with the "other" value option in coded text and generic select fields (TOOLS-3935)
  • Fixed an issue where if the value of a coded text field was requested, resolve only that (TOOLS-3945)
  • Fixed a bug where setting date to a date field with partial date presentation did not set the day (TOOLS-3997)
  • Fixed issues with showing canvas field in presentation mode when it had some value (TOOLS-3717)
  • Fixed issue for showing date if the date was saved under a different presentation before in the composition (TOOLS-3996)

AQL Builder

  • Fixed an error when adding context to an existing query (TOOLS-3742)
  • Fixed a bug where if you clicked in a different tab while query was still executing the results were shown there (TOOLS-3849)
  • Fixed the result presentation when searching for form tags (TOOLS-3867)
  • Fixed a bug when query contained a archetype localization that was not defined properly (TOOLS-3909)

3.5.1 (14.12.2022)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.5.1

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't save a form where a previous version of that form already existed (TOOLS-4070)

3.5.2 (20.01.2023)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.5.2


Copy summaries to other projects

You can now copy summaries across different projects, similar to how you copy forms. You also get information if the designated project already has the forms and templates used in the summary.

Copy summaries

Bug Fixes

Form Builder

  • Fixed a bug where when creating a custom summary and saving it, opening it again was missing the form content in the left panel (TOOLS-4087)
  • Fixed a bug where adding a list on a newly created summary showed an error on the form where there was none (TOOLS-4092)
  • Fixed a console error that appeared when adding some layout groups to a new summary (TOOLS-4091)
  • Fixed some errors when creating summaries and adding whole pages and then removing items (TOOLS-4085)
  • Fixed a bug where when opening a summary the form content was shown twice in the left panel (TOOLS-4086)
  • Fixed an error when creating summaries that had API calls with undefined calls (TOOLS-4087)
  • Fixed an issue when creating a summary and using double-click or drag & drop of a widget made it looks different on the canvas (TOOLS-4067)
  • Fixed a bug where you could not use logical operators in dependencies for fields that were on a different page (TOOLS-4117)

Form Renderer

  • Fixed an issue where time wasn't shown on readonly datetime fields if it was set by default (TOOLS-4082)

AQL Builder

  • Made warning message more informative when updating a view (TOOLS-4062)
  • Fixed title of tabs when hovering above them, if they had no custom name (TOOLS-4064)

3.5.3 (24.01.2023)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.5.3

Bug Fixes

Form Renderer

  • Fixed issue with evaluating script even if script does not exists

3.5.4 (20.02.2023)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.5.4

Bug Fixes

Form Renderer

  • Fixed a bug where disable value did not work correctly (TOOLS-4140)
  • Fixed a bug with using the form-renderer and setting the presentationMode to true before the form was loaded did not use summary if it existed (TOOLS-4196)