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Better EHR Studio 3.6 Release Notes

3.6.0 (2023-03-07)

With the 3.6 release of Better EHR Studio we added many powerful new features and functionalities that make form-building even easier and faster. In addition, we were also busy fixing bugs. Check out all the details below.

Better EHR Studio 3.6.0 is compatible with Form Renderer version 3.6.0.

Table of Content:

Form Builder

Redesigned API panel

The API panel was completely redesigned, and moved to the bottom panel for a better overlook of all your APIs and improved UX.

Improved content manager with new features

The content manager has been improved with new design and features. Upload is extended to also Forms and Templates (still in Beta), items in the content manager can have multiple images uploaded, documentation support, improved UI, etc...

New Score and scale with graph widget

There is a new widget that can present scores and values within a graph or sparkline chart with defined interpretation and more!

The dependency inspector now also searches for variables and usage within scripts

The dependency inspector can now also find variables and usage in a script.

Set "Today" and "Now" buttons to date and date-time fields

We added a configuration to set date and date-time field to "Today" or "Now", so you don't have to have a separate button and dependency for that anymore.

Option to preserve the layout of the form when creating a summary

When creating a summary you now have the option to preserve the original forms layout.

The generic and widget panel now have a search bar, so you can find your fields and widgets faster!

Button got a new style preset - link. Now the button can look more like a link than a button if you need it to.

Added ability to enable or disable word wrap inside lists

You can now turn word wrap on or off for your column lists.

Set a default text to display when summary is empty

When creating a summary you now have option to add a default text that will show when summary has no values.

Ability to add multiple bindings to a rich-text or HTML element in a list

You can now add multiple bindings to a single rich-text or HTML element within a list.

Improved sort icons for sorting columns in lists

The sorting icons in column lists have been update to match the Better design system.

Sort icons

You can now set default sorting on column lists

Column lists where you have sorting set can now have custom defined default sorting

Default sorting

Users will now be warned if same API connector name is used

To avoid issues using the APIs when setting them to fields, calling them or using them in script api the users will now be warned when API connectors have the same name.

API warning

Added integration with setting server

User can preserve/retrieve last sorted column setting from server

API warning

Improved performance of executing dependencies

Improved performance of using a lot of dependencies on a form, important when using them inside a list where there can be a larger number of rows


Added FAQ to documentation

You can now find some frequently asked questions (FAQ) in the documentation, which will help you build your forms!

Bug Fixes

Form Builder

  • Fixed a bug when using undo after moving multiple fields to a different page needed 2 undo action clicks to return the element (TOOLS-3955)
  • Fixed a bug where form resources were being fetched from the platform while changing scripts on forms (TOOLS-4093)
  • Fixed scroll usage in form select screen on some safari versions (TOOLS-4071)
  • Fixed error behaviour for setting date and time fields in dependencies (TOOLS-4115)
  • Fixed issue where form label was not visible if a form had too many labels on it (TOOLS-4056)
  • Fixed issue if form label name was too long and had no spaces where it would cover the other columns in the Form Labels screen (TOOLS-4061)
  • Fixed a bug where page numbers were not displayed when hovering over fields in dependencies that were on different pages (TOOLS-4114)
  • Fixed a bug where setting ordinal or coded text via a dependency from AQL variable would show you duplicated values from the dropdown options when configuring the dependency (TOOLS-4130)
  • Fixed a bug where preview window would lose connection to the editor sometimes when editing a form (TOOLS-4143)
  • Fixed a bug when setting translations in the property panel for summaries got duplicated if you switched the language after adding the translations (TOOLS-4145)
  • Fixed PATCH call for APIs (TOOLS-4165)
  • When adding a form tag now the tag name is focused for easier adding of multiple form tags (TOOLS-4155)
  • Fixed an issue where using undo would remove the template if no more fields were on the form from that template (TOOLS-4101)
  • Fixed an error when refreshing tab after creating a new summary (TOOLS-4090)
  • Fixed issue where deleting an API that is used on a field would cause showing as many errors as there are pages (TOOLS-4223)
  • Fixed return type warning after using a AQL to set up a widget (TOOLS-4218)
  • Fixed issue where playground did not load forms after switching domains until refresh (TOOLS-4230)

Form Renderer

  • Fixed a bug where removing a value from a numeric field with validation did not remove it from form values (TOOLS-4105)
  • Fixed a bug where checkboxes could still appear selected if they were deselected via a dependency (TOOLS-4088)
  • Fixed issue when clearing date in a date-time field would reset it to today's date if time was filled out (TOOLS-4122)
  • Fixed a bug where setting field validation on a proportion field and removing the values set it to null instead of empty (TOOLS-4104)
  • Fixed a bug where the date did not set properly if you saved a value and later changed the presentation type of the field (TOOLS-4079)
  • Fixed an issue where inserting a composition in a form without templates did not fill the fields (TOOLS-4137)
  • Fixed an issue where setting a field dependency on a text field made the field requited (TOOLS-4152)
  • Fixed an issue where onCompositionSaved was not called in some cases on multi-page forms
  • Prevented setting hours for more than 23 and minutes more than 59 on time and date-time fields (TOOLS-3956)
  • Fixed the error message when uploading a too large file to the upload field (TOOLS-4139)
  • Fixed -0 and -0. handling of value inputs for numeric field (TOOLS-4121)
  • Fixed an issue of CONCAT and FORMAT_DATE not returning the same strings as inputted (TOOLS-4170)
  • Fixed an issue where clearing a group did not clear partial date presentation of the date on the field but cleared it in the composition (TOOLS-4160)
  • Fixed an issue with string equality using function IF on expressions (TOOLS-4177)
  • Datepicker will now close when using "tab" button (TOOLS-4172)
  • Fixed an issue where variables inside AQL views did not work properly (TOOLS-4180)
  • Fixed issue where strings with only numbers trimmed the starting "0"
  • Fixed issue loading canvas image from composition inside a summary (TOOLS-4202)

AQL Builder

  • Fixed a bug where saving a snippet after saving a view had prefilled name of the snippet same as the name of the view (TOOLS-4062)
  • Fixed issue where AQL builder would seemingly refresh after every keystroke (TOOLS-4096)


  • Fixed issue where some images were stretched (TOOLS-4173)

3.6.1 (17.03.2023)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.6.1


Form Builder

Added pagination to column lists

You can now add pagination to your column lists and set the number of items per page. This will make the list more readable and easier to navigate and boost performance of the form at the same time!

Form Renderer

  • Optimized performance and boosted speed, especially noticeable on column lists

Bug Fixes

Form Builder

  • Fixed a bug where the widget update indicator remained on form builder after updating the widget and until refresh (TOOLS-4266)

Form Renderer

  • Fixed an issue where in some cases you get some spacing between sticky columns which can overlay non-sticky columns, causing some content to be hidden (TOOLS-4296)
  • Fixed issues with math parameters used inside the CONCAT function (TOOLS-4261)

Content Manager

  • Fixed sign in on content manager for OAuth2 users (TOOLS-4265)

3.6.2 (18.04.2023)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.6.2

Bug Fixes

Form Builder

  • Align collaboration icon to the center of the form name in toolbar
  • Fixed a bug adding stacked list to editor using double-click (TOOLS-4329)

Form Renderer

  • Fixed a bug where in some cases the dependencies in the newly added multiplicity container would not work correctly when removing previously created containers (TOOLS-4285)
  • Fixed a console error caused by a null pointer exception in some cases using lists (OLICP-1362)
  • Fixed an issue when changing page using list pagination to scroll to start of the page (TOOLS-4260)
  • Fixed a bug where locally defined variables that were changed were overridden to default when form environment changed (TOOLS-4319)
  • Fixed an issue where mustache was not allowed within html structure ie tables
  • Fixed an issue where list data was not changed if the auth token expired and a new one was issued after continuing to work on the list (OLICP-1378)
  • Fixed a bug where multimedia fields with data did not show up on summary if "Hide empty fields" was enabled (TOOLS-4318)

AQL Builder

  • Fixed a bug where creating a new js view the default view did not work correctly until refreshing (TOOLS-4301)

3.6.3 (12.05.2023)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.6.3

Bug Fixes

Form Builder

  • Fixed an issue where importing a changed template and fixing one of the form errors made other errors in editor disappear (TOOLS-4302)
  • Fixed an issue with cut/pasting dependencies and cases and then copy/pasting them again, and they would not work as expected (TOOLS-4347)
  • Fixed a bug on preview where if the default value for a field was set from a view that does not exist on that project it would not load the form (TOOLS-4331)
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases when you removed a frame of a container after moving it made the layout appear different in editor until refresh (TOOLS-4324)
  • Fixed a bug where if the aql paths were the same but the archetypes were different it did not show you the list of all available values (TOOLS-4270)

Form Renderer

  • Fixed issue where text with options incorrectly resolved default value from template if it had brackets / commas in the label (TOOLS-4327)
  • Fixed an issue where the required field indicator did not always show correctly (TOOLS-4281)
  • Fixed an issue where a console error appeared if you used a script to show / hide and clear groups and deselected the value that triggered it (TOOLS-4292)
  • Fixed an issue where removing the value from date / date-time fields and setting it again with the same value did not work (TOOLS-4289)
  • Fixed a bug where readonly mode for boolean with toggle switch presentation was still able to change value (TOOLS-4376)
  • Fixed a bug where autosize for text field did not work if you loaded data into a collapsed container and then expanded that container (TOOLS-4370)

AQL Builder

  • Fixed bug where autocomplete would multiply suggestions for the number of times you edited the AQL variable (TOOLS-4269)
  • Fixed a console error when double-clicking on root container when building AQL query (TOOLS-4263)

3.6.4 (12.06.2023)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.6.4


Numeric has an added condition of "!=" when creating dependencies

When creating conditions for cases in dependencies with numerics you can now add a condition "!=", which means "not equal" and can be used in a variety of ways where you want to do something when a numeric field does not equal a certain value.

Numeric not equals

Containers have an added condition of "is empty" and "is not empty" when creating dependencies

When creating conditions for cases in dependencies using containers you now have the option to add conditions "is empty" and "is not empty".

Numeric not equals

Bug Fixes

Form Builder

  • Fixed a bug where API calls in old version of the form builder had a mock response on call types that do not support that, and it did not show all the data on the new API panel (TOOLS-4414)
  • Fixed removing the body of a payload in POST API call, where the call had multiple arguments (TOOLS-4415)

Form Renderer

  • Fixed an issue where you needed to click the "Other" option twice when using radio-buttons presentation (TOOLS-4118)
  • Fixed a bug when switching between different values in a button group presentation caused the field to clear instead of deselect when max multiplicity was 1 (TOOLS-4368)
  • Fixed a bug when pasting in a wrong date format still tried to save an invalid value (OLICP-1384)
  • Fixed an issue where the filename of an uploaded document was not shown on print versions of the form (TOOLS-4408)
  • Fixed an issue with expression assistant functions that accept an empty string as a argument and did not handle it correctly (TOOLS-4407)
  • Fixed issues with validation on removed multiplicity containers with a script (OLICP-1443)
  • Removed the clear icon when upload in a multimedia field is still in progress and fixed clearing the warning after a successful upload follows a unsuccessful one (TOOLS-4417)

3.6.5 (13.06.2023)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.6.5

Bug Fixes

Form Renderer

  • Fixed a bug where setting min multiplicity did not render additional containers when presented as list (TOOLS-4438)
  • Fixed a checking mechanism if variable and/or list is empty
  • Timepicker should now show in readonly mode even if it is populated after initial render

3.6.6 (06.07.2023)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.6.6

Bug Fixes

Form Renderer

  • exclude readonly fields from form validation. Renderer already does this for hidden fields and since user does not have direct control over the values of these fields, we should not validate them. If this happens please consider changing the flow of the form to avoid cases where fields are required and readonly/hidden