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Better EHR Studio 3.7 Release Notes

3.7.0 (2023-07-07)

With the 3.7 release of Better EHR Studio we added many powerful new features and functionalities that make form-building even easier and faster. We have also improved the performance and usability of the EHR Studio and fixed some bugs. Check out all the details below.

Better EHR Studio 3.7.0 is compatible with Form Renderer version 3.7.0.

Table of Content:

Content Manager

Presets in the content manager

We are introducing presets for your content, so you can effortlessly customize the widgets to your liking and save it as a preset. Next time when you need it you can simply select the preset that suits your needs, and voila your widget is ready for use!

Multiple libraries in the content manager

The Content Manager offers the flexibility of using multiple libraries, which serve as repositories for specific groups of members. As a member of a library, you gain the ability to upload and modify content, such as widgets, widget presets, forms, templates and AQL views. Moreover, you have the privilege to invite additional members to your library, enabling you to share content exclusively with the users you choose.

Upload and download AQL views from the content manager

Users that have the necessary permissions can now upload AQL views to the Content manager library so the other members can download them.

Keywords for content in content manager for easier searching and filtering

The uploader of the content can now add keywords which are either predefined or you can write in your custom ones.

Content keywords

Form Builder

Widget configurator

The widget mapping from the property panel was rebuild from the ground up and moved to a new window called the "Widget Configurator". Here you can set your widget, see the changes in real-time, use variables if your configuration needs them and you can also select from some predefined presets for a quick configuration.

Duplicate case and dependency

In addition to cut, copy and paste you can now also duplicate your dependencies and cases for a faster build of your complex dependencies.

Export form with templates

You can now export a bundle of your form and the templates, so you do not have to export each individually. But note that you need to import them separately.

Redesigned variables panel

We redesigned the variables panel and added the ability to quickly duplicate them.

Search generics by aliases

You can now also search the generic elements by aliases, so you can find them even faster

Removed unwanted buttons and enabled containers in summaries

We have removed unwanted buttons like page navigation and save composition when creating a summary since those were not needed, and we enabled adding containers and changing field labels and descriptions.


Keep user progress when logging out

Up until now, user lost all the configurations and progress that has been made by them in the EHR Studio, when they logged out. Now all the changes are preserved even when the user log out for even cleaner experience.

Bug Fixes

Form Builder

  • Fixed a bug where some archetypes showed wrong dropdown list in expression assistant
  • Fixed a bug where on very bad connections it could happen that you get the dropdown for a datasource after you've removed it from the first level
  • Fixed a bug where you could get multiple errors with the same message for using a removed variable
  • Fixed a console error that happened when using container as list presentation and having headers hidden and custom height set
  • Fixed a console error when clicking browse on canvas field trying to upload a image
  • Fixed an issue where adjusting the height of the textarea when adding a body to an API was disabled
  • Fixed a bug where it didn't ask if you want to switch field when editing a script and clicking different fields
  • Fixed a bug where the field property indicator icon for default value was not set on quantity fields until you clicked something else
  • Fixed an issue where the dependency icon was still on the field if you removed all the cases but not the dependency itself
  • Fixed a bug where for a split second you could see "object Object" when using replace field
  • Fixed a bug where removing an API connector still allowed you to tamper with the settings of the now removed API
  • Fixed an inconsistency where creating a new summary showed all the same properties when using readonly or presentation mode presentation of the summary
  • Fixed a bug where an improperly created coded text field would show empty dropdown when using the values of it in a dependency
  • Fixed an issue where the dependency inspector did not correctly show usage of some fields with an error
  • Fixed some widget information in form compare that did not show user-friendly information
  • Fixed the number of errors on form shown incorrectly in some race condition
  • When a widget is incorrectly configured and a warning shows, the warning will not highlight that section in the property panel
  • Fixed the inconsistent icons of the variables of different types
  • Fixed a bug where dragging the mouse outside the editor disregarded the changed label if you did not click out of the field yet
  • Fixed the width of the languages if they are more than 2 characters long
  • Fixed a bug where pasted value set for ordinal including the ordinal value 0 did not enter that value
  • Fixed a design bug where in a narrow bottom panel dropdowns opened upward but behind the title of the panel, so you could not see all of them
  • Fixed a bug where removing the "else" case still left a "otherwise" in the code that did nothing
  • Fixed a bug where removing columns from the container as list presentation and refreshing the template list removed the items from the list of nodes
  • Fixed a bug where searching for variables in the variable inspector did not show them if they were used in the "If" statement
  • Fixed a bug where editing a dependency when using ordinal fields forced you to select "code" even if not needed
  • Fixed an issue when using "Update values when" on a widget and clicking away still held the input open
  • Removed some invalid container option from the property panel when using container as list presentation
  • Fixed minor design issues with some elements overlapping panels while they are being resized
  • Fixed a bug on the select screen where deleting a previous version of the form prevented a different previous version to open unless you closed the modal window
  • Fixed a bug where the default value for the proportion numerator did not show in editor mode
  • Fixed an issue where long field names with no spaces in dependencies did not truncate


  • Fixed a bug where the update password modal would show if you had unauthorized API call requests on the form

Form Renderer

  • Fixed a bug where refresh data did not refresh AQL query data but only API data
  • Fixed a bug where row click did not work on subsequent pages when using pagination
  • Fixed some issues when trying to apply invalid types as default value on fields
  • Fixed an issue where disabled fields were also selected when moving to them using tab
  • Fixed an issue when using only a comma sign in an argument in a CONCAT function
  • Fixed a bug when you had other values enabled on a field with no fixed values and combobox presentation they would not add to the dropdown list
  • Fixed an error when using an AQL view with a missing variable
  • Fixed a bug where you needed to double-click the "Other" field when using radio buttons presentation
  • Fixed using searchWithinContainerTag parameter in script api function even when container index is undefined
  • Fixed an issue where the required field indicator showed only if the field was made required in a dependency before that field
  • Fixed a bug where hiding specific values in coded text fields that had a datasource did not work correctly
  • Fixed a bug where using comparison operators for date and date-time fields in dependencies did not work correctly

AQL Builder

  • Fixed a console error when opening certain views with mistyped archetype properties
  • Failed queries now show errors and not previous results
  • Fixed an issue where variables were resolved as strings, but sometimes you wanted a number, so no the user can pick the parameter type
  • Fixed an error when running certain queries did not return a result table nor a error
  • Fixed a bug where list of templates did not refresh if you changed domains while in AQL builder
  • Fixed an issue where removing the comma from the commented out line changed the labels of the columns in the results window
  • Fixed a console error when using multi letter variables as parameter
  • Fixed an issue of naming the columns in the result table if the header is using no subpath

3.7.1 (19.07.2023)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.7.1

Bug Fixes

Form Renderer

  • Fixed a bug where the obsolete 'Always hide' property on fields for presentationMode was not functioning properly in newer versions.
  • Fixed an issue where assigning fields with a string containing numbers and mathematical operators would evaluate the expression instead of returning the string as expected.

3.7.2 (04.09.2023)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.7.2

Bug Fixes

Form Builder

  • Prevent opening widget editor if datasource on parent element is invalid

Form Renderer

  • Fallback to resolve the API and API Call based on the name instead of the ID when used in a widget preset.
  • Fixed the issue of showing multiple progress bars when multiple multimedia fields are present.
  • Renderer now attempts to open multimedia attachments from absolute links first. Previously, the process was reversed, and the renderer always attempted to open attachments from relative links before falling back to absolute path.
  • The renderer now detects whether any of the form metadata has changed when determining whether a new form should be fetched from the server.
  • Fixed the issue where removing a row in a container presented as a list resulted in losing some of other row's data.
  • Renderer now skips adding a listener for a variable if it doesn't exist.


Form Builder

  • Select field for autofocus on initial load of the screen

Form Renderer

  • To prevent errors and inaccuracies, we disabled browser autocomplete/autofill on all form inputs.
  • Renderer no longer shows a visual banner when any fatal error occurs on the form. Instead, the existing OnFormError event emitter was repurposed to transmit the errors back to the parent application.

3.7.3 (19.09.2023)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.7.3

Bug Fixes

Form Builder

  • Addressed an issue where widget settings did not display the widget when on a proxied domain.

Form Renderer

  • Resolved an issue related to removing rows from lists with multiple multiplicities.
  • Performance improvements in dependency evaluations


Form Builder

  • Implemented support for x-www-form-urlencoded POST body in external APIs

Form Renderer

  • Introducing the option to disable default attachment downloads by including disableDefaultAttachmentDownload in the Form context
  • The eventDispatched property is now exposed in the form-render component, serving as the foundation for dispatching all form and view-related events

3.7.4 (02.10.2023)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.7.4

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a playground to properly show content instead of a blank screen

Form Builder

  • Fixed a widget editor to properly show content instead of a blank screen
  • Resolved an issue where API calls with platform credentials didn't function correctly in widget configurator

Form Renderer

  • Fixed renderer to accurately resolve language based on form templates, falling back to English when language can not be determined
  • Fixed issue where API URL evaluation wasn't performed before shared headers where calculated and applied

3.7.5 (19.10.2023)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.7.5

Improvements and bug fixes

Form Builder

  • Fixed a bug where the playground stopped reflecting changes once the form was updated in the builder
  • Fixed a bug where, in some rare cases, the form description was malformed when a field used in dependencies was removed

Form Renderer

  • Improved performance by removing redundant composition fetch when showing a summary and with auto prefill set to true
  • Fixed an unhandled null check for values passed to the FORMAT_DATE expression assistant function
  • Updated required error messages for DV_CODED_TEXT and GENERIC_SELECT based on the number of options selected


  • Added an opt-in option to treat all attachment URLs as relative instead of absolute. This is particularly useful if you are saving a composition in a public environment and opening it in a secure private environment that has a copy of the store but no access to external instances.

3.7.6 (27.10.2023)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.7.6

Improvements and bug fixes

Form Renderer

  • Fixed a bug where formName and formVersion tags were not automatically added to all compositions when form had multiple templates

3.7.7 (20.11.2023)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.7.7

Improvements and bug fixes

Form builder

  • Addressed a bug where fbVersion in form description were not updated with newer version of the EHR Studio

Content manager

  • Resolved an issue where the Content Manager displayed content from the wrong environment

Form renderer

  • Resolved a visual issue where multiplicity buttons were not displayed for containers presented as lists