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Better EHR Studio Older Releases

1.2.2 (2019-11-04)

Bug fixes
  • fixed bug with aql select not working properly
  • fixed predefined annotations
  • fixed bug with commented parameters being shown

1.2.1 (2019-10-30)

Bug fixes
  • fixed bug with DV_QUANTITY not working properly

1.2.0 (2019-10-28)

  • AQL completely restyled (TOOLS-1038)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for AQL
  • when pressing enter on login domain list you will be logged and domain list dropdown wont open
  • Added otherwise on dependencies (TOOLS-1042)
  • Add spacer field presentation (TOOLS-1003)
  • auto detect if AQL is pretty or not (TOOLS-1073)
Bug fixes
  • snippets are no longer red on refresh
  • add dependency validation if values on generics gets changed
  • Predefined annotations dropdown fixed
  • Fixed many bugs with AQL query being red
  • fixed bug with replacing generic field path removing generic field
  • fixed bug with scrollbar not working on FB

1.1.0 (2019-10-21)

  • view errors on canvas
  • Performance improvements
  • Toaster redesign (TOOLS-1037)
  • Toolbar redesign (TOOLS-1035)
  • Generic icons now shown in dependencies, replace field
  • Store first version
  • Add new option for proportion, quantity, duration clear only
  • slovenian langugae removed from settings
  • Custom code values for terminology is now part of terminology (TOOLS-1057)
  • app-settings are now called studio-settings (TOOLS-1054)
  • login now supports redirect url (TOOLS-1044)
  • Add new presentation for DV_BOOLEAN: toggle (TOOLS-1001)
  • now you can also import .xml of a template
Bug fixes
  • show label on unit didn't previously work for DV_QUANTITY (TOOLS-1045)
  • Script on root was previously not executed (TOOLS-1041)
  • Dependencies bugfix (TOOLS-1034)
  • SV_ORDINAL you now see oridnal number on dependencies (TOOLS-1007)
  • Changing form language does not reflect changes on canvas (TOOLS-1049)
  • Update EHR Studio now has translations (TOOLS-1033)
  • setting number of columns for field that has hidden label didn't previously work (TOOLS-1024)
  • removing option for generic Codede text didn't previously work if form was already published (TOOLS-1024)
  • Changing the number of columns didn't previously work for text with options (TOOLS-1023)
  • Plain beautify didn't previously work always (TOOLS-942)
  • Fixed bug with limit values on properties
  • fixed bug with clear form element API call not working always
  • update dependencies when doing root rename
  • fixed bug with minus square icon being too big on safari/firefox when dragging element to canvas

1.0.3 (2019-10-11)

  • now you can go from dependeny to tempalte tree if you press on field
  • Generic icons are now also on dependencies
  • added clear only action on dependencies
  • show ordinal number in label on when/then statements in dependencies
  • added green red icons on depepndencies
  • removed languge switcher
  • new toster styling
  • Property panel redesign
Bug fixes
  • Fix when localstorage doesnt have form_render key and form wouldn't render (when deleting storage)
  • console error fix for when formDescription is empty object
  • show delete icon on dependencies when action is completed
  • duplicate field on forms bug fix
  • You can no longer change property panel site on form script
  • Translations were previously not visible on preview
  • fixed some padding margin issues
  • Custom form on playground didn't previously work

1.0.1 (2019-10-03)

  • Generic ordinal now allows you to duplicate ordinal numbers
  • When you click templates on AQL now you get immediate focus on search input
Bug fixes
  • login didnt previously work if you had domain empty and set custom URL
  • Icons were cut of in Safari
  • Login to server without templates didn't previously work
  • There was a possibility that importing template produced bug and you didn't see the canvas anymore

1.0.0 (2019-09-25)

  • created EHR Studio 1.0.0 (TOOLS-691). It contains: Playground Aql Builder ** Form Builder
  • Added new styles
  • added new generic fields (Ordinal, boolean, quantity, time, date_time)
  • generics can now be persisted to EHR Server
  • added beta version of store
  • Dependencies now allow many more things (hiddin/showing containers, hidding showing labels)
  • add support for limit decimal places for DV_QUANTITY
  • read only fields now have common color
  • add ability that form script/dependencies are not executed on initial run
  • terminology values can now be negated
  • added not containes in dependencies (TOOLS-881)
  • support for angular elements (TOOLS-720)
  • add ability that user can rename path for generic fields (TOOLS-851)
  • add new formscript function: validateElement (TOOLS-920)
  • default values for CODE_TEXT can now be overriden (when terminology is not defined)
  • dependencies can now be exanded into modal window (TOOLS-972)
  • change logic where template name, form name are shown
Bug fixes
  • boolean 3 state visual bugfix (TOOLS-787)
  • Hovering over long text in DV_CODED_TEXT should show whole value (TOOLS-792)
  • fixed bug with ordinal not working properly on dependncies (TOOLS-901)
  • dependency undo redo bug (TOOLS-897)