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Preview Screen

Clicking the Preview button in the Editor screen opens up a new browser tab with The Preview screen. Each time you change a form in the Editor screen, the changes will automatically be reflected in the Preview screen, in real-time.

The Preview screen lets you:

  • check/validate how a form looks and acts like in real-time,
  • configure a form's variables,
  • see how composition values change in real time,
  • save data as a composition to the EHR server,
  • review how a form is rendered with different display properties and parameters.

In the Preview screen, you are able to:

  • validate a form,
  • input data to a form and save a composition,
  • review how a form renders on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices or a custom-sized screen,
  • test interactions between different parts of a form, and
  • change display and context parameters.

Preview screen

The Preview screen comprises:

  • left panel,
  • right panel,
  • toolbar, and
  • canvas.

Left Panel

Preview Left Panel

In the left panel, you can:

  • Input form variables - main form variable is EHR ID, and if specified it also allows you to store the composition.
  • Check the previously saved compositions of the form.
  • Review form/composition values.

Right Panel

Preview Right Panel

The right panel enables you to:

  • Review how a form is rendered on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices or a custom-sized screen.
  • Review how a form is rendered in a different language.
  • Change the date format for localization purposes.
  • Change other context parameters.


Preview Toolbar

In the toolbar, you can:

  • validate a form,
  • restore a form to its defaults, and
  • save a composition.


Preview Canvas

Canvas is where Better EHR Studio renders a form.