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Better EHR Studio 3.9 Release Notes

3.9.0 (29.05.2024)

With the 3.9 release of Better EHR Studio we added many powerful new features and functionalities that improve the form building process and make it even easier and faster to use. Check out all the details below.

Better EHR Studio 3.9.0 is compatible with Form Renderer version 3.9.0.

Table of Content:

Form Builder

Improved the column list element with many additional features

We have vastly improved the column list. You can now set the width of the columns in three different ways, easily move columns from one position to another, and define whether content should be in one line, wrapped, or concatenated, and more!

Added predefined variable "openEhrUrl"

We introduced a predefined variable called openEhrUrl to simplify the configuration of your APIs. This replaces the "platformUrl" static variable, which did not allow for test values and that made it difficult to test call the APIs where you used it. Check out the documentation about it here.


Project sharing

When you add a project you can now add other users to the same project, eliminating the need for them to manually configure everything. Additionally, you can assign different roles to these users to control their permissions and define what they can and cannot do while editing the project.

AQL Builder

Added support for official specification AQL variable syntax ($)

The openEHR specification dictates the use of $ to denote a parameter. However, an improved implementation of AQL was introduced prior to the finalization of the specification, where : is assumed as the default notation for parameters. If you prefer to use the $ notation, you can enable it on the Better Platform. Once enabled, the AQL builder will seamlessly recognize both $ and :as parameter markers.

Marketplace (former Content Manager)

Added loading spinners

We have added loading animations, so you will know when things are still working in the background


  • Added documentation how to create terminology adapters
  • Added documentation about tooltips
  • Added documentation how to add multiple default values to fields with list values (CODED_TEXT, ORDINAL and TEXT with options)
  • Added response for initialization example when creating an upload API for the Better store
  • Updated the documentation how to use update widget values feature
  • Added documentation about how to use the openEhrUrl variable in API connectors
  • Added examples on containers with multiplicity usage
  • Added documentation about collaboration warnings
  • Updated the documentation about all the new column list features
  • Add documentation about project sharing

Bug Fixes

Form Builder

  • Removed initial focus setting from generic canvas element since it does not apply there
  • Added "Edit" button on context menu in api list
  • Fixed an issue where oauth added project still made some proxied api calls
  • Fixed a bug where you would get a update password modal if an API to platform returned a 401 Unauthorized error
  • Fixed a bug where the mouse would not change to pointer on some clickable icons in top toolbar
  • Fixed mistake in description of the TIME() function in the expression assistant
  • Fixed the text on the labels for setting the current date or current time or current date and time
  • Fixed a bug where if the tag was removed, but it was used in a WHEN condition in a dependency, it would not show it in red error color
  • Fixed a bug where removing an unmigrated API would not show a form error
  • Fixed a bug where the authorization from an unmigrated API would visually be the same on all newer APIs
  • Fixed an issue where test calling an API that has response type "text" did not show the result
  • Fixed an issue where adding a new page would override the initialFbVersion parameter in the form description
  • Fixed a bug where an API with EHR platform credentials authorization on an oauth project would not show values in editor mode
  • Fixed showing error when WHEN condition is empty

Form Renderer

  • Fixed a bug where multimedia fields sent auth headers even if no auth was required
  • Fixed a bug where "now" button was still clickable on date fields
  • Fixed dependency usage when making multiple fields required or optional using a tag
  • Fixed issues when entering invalid time values in a date time field, and it would reset instead of showing validation error
  • Fixed an issue where numbers with leading zeroes would get trimmed in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where a default value containing more than one word used without dictations or CONCAT function, would incorrectly appear as an error.
  • Fixed a bug where a custom added unit via dependencies would be marked as a stale value

AQL Builder

  • Fixed a bug where you could not execute unsaved js views


  • Fixed an issue where the search input when searching for an api or external variable remained after deleting that resource, but the list refreshed
  • Fixed a bug where switching to an invalid project while in administration menu did not do anything or give errors unless you were on the projects page
  • Added a fallback to return to previously selected domain if switching to the selected domain fails
  • Disabled the "Copy to project" button while a copy is in progress
  • Fixed a bug where pasting a long string, for example a bearer token, in api connector would break out of the input field and overlap
  • Fix showing the release notes modal when logging in

Marketplace (former Content Manager)

  • Fixed a bug where canceling the upload of content and then uploading another one immediately after would still show the previous connected content
  • Fixed using filters when searching for content on Marketplace
  • Enabled adding documentation on any type of content (not just widgets)

3.9.1 (06.06.2024)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.9.1



  • The Marketplace now supports uploading an images for all content types

Bug Fixes

Form Builder

  • The order of widgets in the column list might have previously rendered incorrectly. With this patch, the renderer is now correctly set when a sort is applied, ensuring your data is always displayed in the desired order.

3.9.2 (10.06.2024)

Compatible with Form Renderer version 3.9.2

Bug Fixes

Aql builder

  • added GENERIC_ENTRY to autocomplete

Form Renderer

  • Fixed an exception in the code when resolving and empty composition that caused issues when showing a summary